A guide to the subtle art of working with remote teams

At Equal Experts, we are passionate that all team members are empowered to succeed and deliver value no matter where they are located. Over the years our teams have covered the full spectrum from fully co-located, teams with work-from-home-Fridays, teams with multiple locations spread across geographies and different timezones to fully distributed, remote-only, teams.

Effective distributed working requires more than huddling around a big screen once a day or communicating via Jira ticket. We’ve found it most successful where we have taken the time to define a team charter to ensure everyone in the team is committed to making it work.

Whether you want to find out how to make the most of video calls, how to adapt your working etiquette or how to facilitate remote workshops this play book will help you get the most out of remote working.

If you want to learn some of the techniques we use, and talk to our experts, we have set up a series of webinars to share our insights on how to build high-performing remote-first delivery teams.

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